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AD-01 DIpic white
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OTO Adelle One

Original price was: ৳215,000.00.Current price is: ৳195,000.00.
OTO Cyber Sense

OTO Cyber Sense

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OTO Elements

Blue OTO Essence ES-06
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OTO Essence

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GE 01
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OTO Grand Elite

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OTO Rocker

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OTO Rockie

OTO Vanda

OTO Vanda

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Xpand XP-01
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OTO Xpand

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Massage Chair Price in Bangladesh

Imagine after a long hard working day, you are dying with tiredness, your back is stiff, and your leg is shaking with pain. In this scenario, you just grab a remote and relax in a recycling chair, and all your tiredness vanishes in just 60 seconds! How magical it will be!

The massage chair is a comfortable and relaxing way to get in some relaxation after a long workday. The ride is smooth and gentle, and the pulsations stimulate blood flow and release tension in your muscles.

Benefits of Massage Chair

  1. Relaxed your muscles after a workout session.
  2. Relieves sore muscle pain.
  3. Enhance better sleep.
  4. Improves blood circulation.
  5. Calms your brain.
  6. Boost the immunity system.
  7. Reduces stress and anxiety.
  8. Decrease lower back pain.
  9. Increase oxygen flow throughout the body.
  10. Relieves mental pressure.

Things to Consider Before Buying One

You can find different kinds of massage chairs in Bangladesh. For that, massage chair prices in Bd. are also different. So, choose carefully before purchasing.

  1. Full Body Massage Chairs: Full body massage chair price in Bangladesh is a little higher than a regular one. But it will give your whole body a relaxing massage.
  2. Ottoman Massage Chairs: It will occupy less space in your home, and also it is a budget-friendly option.
  3. Heated Massage Chairs: It will give you a nice, warm heat-therapy of massage. It is best for muscle tension and soreness.
  4. Air Massage Chairs: It is a bit different from other massage chairs. It concentrates only on the arm, hand, leg, and feet. It is full of airbags that give you a soothing massage session.
  5. Zero Gravity Massage Chairs: This type of body massage chair price in Bd. is worth your money. It relieves bones and joints pain. It works dramatically in backaches and spinal cord problems.

Final Verdict

There is no other option to describe this product than as pure enjoyment, which means there is absolutely nothing better than lazing back on the chair as it gives you all those amazing benefits.

With virtual reality technology built into these chairs, imagine how good you will feel after 60 seconds!

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