OTO Energia


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Model No:EG-700

OTO Energia

Double Facial Result

The all-time favourite!
Wireless Hi-Tech Beauty Stick Massager
to get rid of eye bags & firm up your skin easily.

Double Facial Result

The 2 modes of heat helps in nutrients
absorption, firm facial muscles, improve
blood circulation, stimulate cell re-growth
and improve skin colour.

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Hot and Cold Beauty Massager
Hot Therapy

Hot Therapy

Open pores to allow deep cleansing,
Help in the absorption of nutrients,
improve blood circulation and
relax facial muscles.

Cold Therapy

• Lower skin temperature
• Tighten open pores
• Retains water
• Enhance skin elasticity
• Prevent wrinkles
• Reduce eye bags
• Reduce temperature during high fever

Cold Therapy
Massage Therapy 3 modes

Massage Therapy, 3 Modes

3 Speed Levels,
Slow: Specially for Facial Massage
Medium: For General Massage
High: Specially for Sport Massage

4 Steps to Facial Beauty

• Open pores for deep cleaning
• Use Hot Therapy to open the pores

• Apply lotion, serum or toner atier cleansing
• Use Hot Therapy to aid absorption
(May also use Hot Therapy atier applying mask)

4 steps to facial beauty
4 Steps to Facial

4 Steps to Facial Beauty

• Use Cold Therapy to tighten the pores

• Helps in the absorption of nutrients
• Skin tightening & Face shaping

USB-Enabled Charger

With Hi-Performance
Fully charged:
Up to 2.5 hours of Massage
Up to 2.5 hours of Cold Therapy
Up to 5 hours of Hot Therapy

USB Enabled Charger

Usage of Temperature Levels

3 Temperature Levels

Cold Therapy
Blue 15~20°C ; Violet 10~15°C ; Red 5~10°C

Use Blue on sensitive skin;
Violet or Red when room temperature is higher;
Use Red to reduce temperature during high fever.

Hot Therapy
Blue 30~35°C ; Violet 35~40°C ; Red 40~45°C
Use Blue on sensitive skin;
Violet or Red when room temperature is lower
Use Red when applying mask.

OTO Energia is a hi-tech handheld stick facial massager in Bangladesh to nourish your skin and eliminate unwanted eye bags.


  • 3 temperature levels
  • 4 steps of facial beauty – cleansing, nourishing, firming, massage
  • Cold and hot beauty massager
  • 3 modes of massage therapy
  • USB enabled charger


  • Type of Product: Beauty Massager
  • Product Name: OTO Energia
  • Product Model: EG-700
  • Product Net Weight: 410 G
  • Product Measurement: 4.8 (L) x 5.8 (W) x 27 (H) cm
  • Power Input: DC 5V, 1000mh
  • Warranty: 6 Months


  • 2 types of heat aid in absorbing nutrients, strengthening facial muscles, increasing blood circulation, stimulating cell growth, and improving skin color.
  • Hot therapy helps to open pores for deep cleansing, increase blood circulations and help to absorbed nutrition.
  • Cold therapy tightens open pores, prevent wrinkle, lower skin temperature and reduce eye bags.
  • Model Name
  • Model Number
  • Type of Product
  • Power Input
  • Product Nett Weight
  • Product Measurement
  •  OTO Energia
  • EG-700
  • Beauty Massager
  • DC 5V, 1000mh
  • 410 G
  • 4.8 (L) x 5.8 (W) x 27 (H) cm


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