OTO Row Bike

A New Breed of Exercise Bike For Singapore’s Athletes!


The New OTO Row Bike is a revolutionary product in the fitness industry. It comes with rowing, cycling and synchronized rowing-cycling functions. The training intensity can be adjusted to suit different ages and fitness levels!

Original price was: ৳27,000.00.Current price is: ৳26,500.00.

Model No:RB-1000


8 levels of intensity

Adjustable Cycling Intensity
Adjustable Rowing Intensity


12 levels of intensty


Row with unique handle bar to train your upper body


Allows you to set exercise targets in a motivating count-down format


With adjustable seat and different exercise intensities it suit all ages.

Adjustable Seat
Foldable and Portable


fold it to save space and move it with the castor wheels anywhere.


Studies showed that cycling with minimum 2000 calories burnt has positive impact on diabetic condition.

What is You


  1. 8 minutes work-out easily burns
    50-100 calories.
  2.  Burn double amount of calories through dual exercises.
  3. Simultaneous upper & lower body exercises,enhances body & mind co-ordination.
  4. Strengthen back, shoulder & neck muscles. Enhances protection on the vertebra, preventing back and neck injuries and discomforts.
  5. Dual exercises, creating after-effect of up to 2 hours.

Adjust seat to the height of hip bone,
allowing full stretch on the leg and
exercise the knee joints.

tones arm muscle
body upright

Keep body upright during rowing exercise helps to strengthen back muscle, protects vertebra, prevent back injuries.

Rowing exercise also strengthen neck & shoulder muscles, prevent stiff neck and frozen shoulder.

neck shoulder muscles


1000(L) x 520(W) x 1140(H) mm (upright)

400(L) x 520(W) x 1380(H) mm (folded)

The OTO Row Bike is a new product in the fitness market. This is an a new Cycling Machine in BD. It can be used for rowing, cycling, and synchronized-rowing-cycling. Users can adjust the training intensity to suit different fitness levels and ages.


  • Cycling exercise
  • 8 levels of cycling intensity
  • 12 levels of adjustable rowing intensity
  • Rowing (pulling up) exercise
  • Dual exercise – Rowing & Cycling
  • Unique handle
  • Easily foldable
  • Smart monitor
  • Wheels for easy moving
  • Adjustable seat
  • Adjustable tension for cycling speed
  • Adjustable strength for rowing
  • Foldable as well as portable
  • Two machines are combined into one compact frame.


  • Warranty: 6 Months
  • Model Name: OTO Row Bke
  • Model Number: RB-1000
  • Product Weight: 20.29 kgs
  • Maximum User Weight: 110kg
  • Batteries: 2 x 1.5V “AAA”
  • Dimensions: 400(L) x 520(W) x 1380(H) mm (folded) 1000(L) x 520(W) x 1140(H) mm (upright)

How to Do Cycling

  • There are some rules to follow when cycling. Regular cycling with the right posture is very beneficial.
  • You can adjust the seat to your hip bone height, which will allow you to stretch your leg and strengthen the knee joints.
  • Rowing helps prevent stiff necks and frozen shoulders by strengthening neck and shoulder muscles.
  • Rowing exercises can be done upright to strengthen the back muscles, protect the vertebrae, and prevent injuries.


  • A workout of 8 minutes burns between 50 and 100 calories.
  • Dual exercises can help you burn twice as many calories. Dual exercises can have an after-effect lasting up to two hours.
  • Exercises that combine upper and lower bodywork together can improve body and mind coordination.
  • Stimulate the back, shoulder and neck muscles, protects the vertebrae from injury and discomfort by increasing protection.
  • The OTO Row Bike is a great addition to any athlete’s workout program. It helps anyone, from long-distance runners to weightlifters or ballplayers, improves their skills.
  • Strength training and cardiovascular training complement each other, conditioning the body in different ways but all interrelated. Get the OTO Row Bike’s support to make your body strong.
  • Model Name
  • Model Number
  • Batteries
  • Product Weight
  • Maximum User Weight
  • OTO Row Bke
  • RB-1000
  • 2 x 1.5V “AAA”
  • 20.29 kgs
  • 110kg


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